One of the 4400: Yes || DOB 3/12/63 || DOA 4/10/02 NYC || No extra ability known at this time
Occupation: Billionaire real estate mogul, CEO Collier International, turned faux-guru?
Marital status/family: Apparently single.  Has a somewhat paternal relationship with fellow 4400, Shawn Farrell, although
Collier has Shawn using his power of healing for monetary gain
Comments: Collier is a wealthy man, used to having power and control, and he appears to want much, much more.  His
motives -in giving Shawn shelter, in trying to keep Lily, Richard and their child with him - aren't clear and seem nefarious.
Opened, then closed, Arcadia Estates, a 4400-only housing development.  Opened The 4400 Center, for 4400 members as well
as non-4400's seeking "the 4400 within themselves'.  Also the author of "4400 And Counting" which revealed many details
about the returnees, including the fact that they were abducted and returned by people from our future.  Jordan had been
suffering ill-effects from an encounter with Richard and Lily's baby, Isabelle, while she was still in Lily's womb, but an
approving second encounter seemed to have cleared that up, as well as proving to her skeptical parents that their former
nemesis wasn't trying to do them harm.  During a big public event, Jordan was shot by a sniper, whom we later learned was
Kyle Baldwin [acting under a mysterious influence not his own inclinations], and apparently killed, despite frantic attempts
on Shawn's part to revive his mentor.  However, Jordan's body disappeared, and the last shot of season two was a
bewildered, bewhiskered, bedraggled Jordan Collier, very much alive, on the shore of the lake at Mount Rainer, where he'd
previously been last deposited with 4399 others.

Billy Campbell is
Jordan Collier