Drusilla was introduced on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as the love and companion of Spike, and we later learned that she
was sired by
Angelus, who was attracted to her purity and innocence.  He ravished and killed Drusilla and her family,
and the experience drove her to the brink of lunacy...well, maybe a little over it...  Dru's a very sensitive girl, and
often has flashes of precognition.  She seduced a young poet named William, who become the vampire Spike.  They
broke in Sunnydale, and she pops up in both Hellhole town and LA once in a while, stirring up trouble.  Most recently,
she was seen in LA, making
Darla a vamp once more.

Juliet Landau was born March 30, 1971, to veteran character actors Barbara Bain and Martin Landau, both of whom
starred in the 60s television series
Mission: Impossible. Juliet was raised in Southern California, before her family
moved to London, England, for four years, where Juliet studied both acting and classical ballet at the American School
in London. She made her living as a ballerina for five years but returned to California to pursue an acting career.
Juliet's film debut was as a younger Angelica Houston in 1990 in
The Grifters. Juliet then had small roles small films
Direct Hit and Neon City, and worked with her father ~  who won an Academy Award for his part ~ in Tim Burton's
Ed Wood.  Joss Whedon saw Juliet in Ed Wood and asked her to come in for a meeting to discuss the possibility of
her portraying Drusilla. Juliet says that there was just an instant trust between her and James Marsters (Spike),
which greatly added to their on-screen chemistry and the popularity of the characters. After Dru and Spike drove off,
Juliet went in search of more movie roles. Dru did eventually make her return to the Buffyverse, but this time it was
Angel. She's once again drifted away, but hope springs eternal that Drusilla will appear again often, in either CA
town ~ Sunnydale or LA.  Juliet has a love of books and reading, and lives in Los Angeles.
Juliet Landau is Drusilla