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Although there are many terms they may be called, when you hear the names Quarters, Elementals, or Watchtowers, these refer to the
elements of nature – Earth, Air, Fire and Water - that are forces honored and incorporated in the rituals practiced by many pagans,
Wiccans and witches. The words and even some of the associations may be seen differently by each individual, as pagan paths are
independent, so this is a somewhat generic description of the elements.  Also, each element is associated with guardians, which watch
over the element and make sure it is not misused.
Earth represents stability, physical endurance, luck, fertility, the harvest, money, prosperity, will power and employment.  This
element’s color is green, it’s direction north, season is winter.  Gnomes are the guardians of the element earth, and they
appear as little male and female beings in earth-toned clothing, browns and greens.
Air represents the arts, creativity, intellect, imagination, freedom, communication, travel, justice, wisdom, and mental powers.  This element’s
color is yellow, it’s direction east, season is spring.  Sylphs are the guardians of the element air, and they appear as attractive male and female
beings with long flowing hair that surrounds their body, or as fairies.
Fire represents courage, daring, change, transformation, protection, strength, passion/lust, health and physical energy.  This
element’s color is red, it’s direction south, season is summer.  Salamanders are the guardians of the element fire, and they
appear as male and female beings with fire for clothes and hair, or they may appear as dragons.
Water represents emotions, intuition, peace, tranquility, beauty – within and without, friendships, dreams, and healing.  This
element’s color is blue, it’s direction west, season is fall.  Undines are the guardians of the element water, and they appear as
beautiful male and female beings dressed in seaweed, shells, and other things of the sea for clothes, or as mermaids and men.