Leo Wyatt protrayed by Brian
At first Leo Wyatt just popped up in the beginning of the series as a (really) cute handyman, who was immediately smitten with Piper, and
vice versa.  The sisters soon learned that he was much more ~ Leo is a Whitelighter, their intermediary with The Elders [the 'powers that
be' of
Charmed], a virtual encyclopedia of the supernatural beings and events they encounter, and who also has the power to heal.  
When he travels it's in a sprinkle of light called orbing, and he can take others with him, which he has done several times.  He is assigned
to the Charmed Ones as a guardian and protector.  Leo was actually a young doctor during World War II, and was an exceptionally good
person, so when he died, TPTB gave him immortality as well as his healing and orbing powers. While Leo and Piper did fall in love, there
were many obstacles to overcome before they did finally marry, in the middle of the third season, in the company of a small group of
family and friends. Piper gave birth to their first child, a boy they named Wyatt Matthew Haliwell ~ Wyatt for Leo's last name, Matthew for
Paige's last name, and Haliwell, as it's the traditional family name, feared among the powers of evil and respected among the good.  Leo
has tested his own reputation, and stretched the forces of good's patience pretty far, after killing Gideon, an elder and former mentor,
after discovering the Magic School's headmaster was trying to kill Wyatt, who is destined to be the most powerful magical being ever;
Gideon thought that one being with so much potential power for good or evil was is too dengerous.  Leo has almost become
uncontrollable after the loss of his and Piper's
second son, adult Chris.  Leo killed Gideon, and then later was provoked by Barbas into
killing another, Zola. Leo is in a world of pain right now, and Piper, Wyatt and baby Chris may be his only hope...
Brian was born in El Toro, in Southern
California, on February 1, 1969. While in
high school, he thought about acting, but
was also interested in sports medicine and
pursued a semi-professional soccer career
with a traveling team.  He started an
acting class at 16, and worked in
television. When he landed the lead role
in a major motion picture film, he gave up
soccer for a full-time acting career.

Brian made his feature film debut as
Richard in Return To The Blue Lagoon in
1991, with Milla Jovovich, then went on to
a starring roles in the films December,
Stephen King's Sleepwalkers, The Liar's
Club, Kiss Of Fate, Sight Unseen and Mind
Games.  On television, Brian has had
supporting roles in several telefilms,
guest-starred on Walker, Texas Ranger and
was Matthew Cory on the daytime drama
Another World.

Brian is divorced, lives in the LA area, and
has one son, born in 1996.  He enjoys
racing cars and golf in his spare time. He
and co-star Alyssa Milano dated.