Holly Marie Combs was born in San Diego, California on December 3, 1973, but moved to New York when she was 8 years old with her mother. She began her career working in
television commercials and print ads at age 10, and went to the Professional Children's School. She was 13 in her first movie role, playing Don Johnson and Susan Sarandon's
daughter in the feature film
Sweet Hearts Dance in 1988. At 18, Combs got her big break as Tom Skerritt and Kathy Baker's daughter in the critically acclaimed television drama
Picket Fences. In made-for-television movies, she has had many starring roles, including the daughter of a murdered heiress in the fact-based Daughters, killer Diane Zamora
Love's Deadly Triangle: The Texas Cadet Murder and a rape victim in Sins of Silence.  In feature films, Ms. Combs appeared in Born on the Fourth of July with Tom Cruise  in
Chain of Desire with Malcolm McDowell and Linda Fiorentino, and Simple Men. Holly is a dedicated animal lover, and has over a dozen various types of pets. Ms. Combs was
married to Bryan Smith in 1993 but they divorced in 1997, and she married David Donoho, who is a key grip and special effects person, on Valentine's Day, 2004. Holly Marie and
David became the proud parents of a 7 lb, 12 oz baby boy, Finley Arthur, at 1:30pm on April 26, 2004, and mom, dad, and son are reportedly all well. :)
Piper Halliwell porttayed by
Holly Marie Combs
Piper Halliwell was brought up the middle sister, shaping her persona.  She tended to be in the middle often, between big sister, Prue
and their little sister,
Phoebe.  Now she's the oldest, after Prue's death and Paige's emergence as the lost fourth Halliwell. Piper is quite
sensible and, despite ocassional periods of insecurity, seems to be the most grounded sister, happiest in her skin. Piper's ability is an
awesome one ~ she can freeze objects in time with just a hand gesture.  Since the beginning of the show, she has sharpened her skill so
that she can freeze selectively, by thinking of who or what she wants to stop, and has now developed the power to blow up objects ~
like demons.
She fell in love with
Leo, the sisters' protective Whitelighter, but their romantic road has been bumpy, including one stretch of time when
Piper asked Leo to leave her alone, as the pain of their "forbidden" love was too much for her. Her mother had died becasue she fell in
love with her Whitelighter ~ she was protecting him when she died ~ and romantic attachments between witches and their protective
guardians were taboo because of just that kind of situation. During this time Piper was involved with
Dan, an attractive, sweet man who
had moved into the house next door, but the love she and Leo shared proved too strong, they reconciled, and Dan moved away.  Piper
and Leo were forbidden to be together by the Elders ~ Leo's bosses ~ because TPTB did not feel Leo and Piper could do their respective
jobs if they were worried only about each other.
After a great deal of self-sacrifice, proving that they understand no one person, no matter how important, is more important than their
responsiblity to an innocent, Piper and Leo married, with the blessing of TPTB. Piper gave birth in S5 to her first child, a boy they've
named Wyatt Matthew Halliwell ~ Wyatt for Leo's last name, Matthew for Paige's last name, and Halliwell, as it's the traditional family name,
feared among the powers of evil and respected among the good.  Unfortunately, Leo and Pipe have broken up again, because Leo was
'promoted' to Elder, which means he's not able to be on Earth with his family.