TV Guide  by Shawna Malcom  Dec 28, 2002  thru Jan 3, 2003

Charmed Lives
Shannen Doherty's departure from WB's Charmed in 2001 could have been a
curse. Instead, the show ~ about a triumvirate of witch siblings who fight
evil while sporting killer wardrobes (this is an Aaron Spelling show, after
all) ~ has continued to work its magic without her.

So what kind of spell keeps the long-running supernatural soap, starring
Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and newest recruit Rose McGowan,
bubbling? "I've been trying to figure that out myself," says executive
producer Spelling. "I honestly didn't think it had much chance of lasting
five episodes, let alone five years."

No doubt helped by a move to Sundays from a fiercely competitive
Thursday-night time slot, Charmed also features lighter episodes this
season, with the sexy sisters temporarily assuming the identities of
everything from scantily clad superheroes to, well, scantily clad fairy tale
characters. However, the show's 100th episode, set to air January 19, will
take on a slightly more sober tone, posing the question: What would the
world be like if the Charmed ones had never met one another?

Probably not nearly as spellbinding.
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