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frankly, stopped watching a lot of
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Lost ~ I haven't watched a single
episode this season.  I am not going
to take this site down, because it is
a great show, and I did do a lot of
work on the site. Unfortunately,  
I've lost so much time with the
show, I really don't think I can do it
justice right now, but I do hope to
'catch-up' and work on the site in
the future.  I hate going to sites that
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Lost will end after it's next season,
due to start in January 2010

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This is the hatch scene, with
Kate, Hurley, Locke and Jack;
it's pretty lifelike, considering
it's 7-inch scale! There's also a
light, same as in the original
season one finale. It can be
ordered by using the link to
the right.

12/20/2007 || ZAP2it || Lost Star Goes
From Eko to 'G.I. Joe'
Known to Lost fans as the beloved Mr. Eko,
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje has been cast
in Paramount's live action "G.I. Joe"
feature, along with Rachel Nichols and Said
That trio joins Sienna Miller and Ray Park
in the Stephen Sommers-directed toy
Read more here

11/8/2007 || E!Online Watch With Kristin
|| Strikewatch: Why Lost Fans May Cheerâ
€”and Cry
24 is off, and Lost is on—well, sorta.
After Fox announced it is reshuffling its
schedule in light of the WGA strike—with
the biggest change being the indefinite
postponement of the upcoming seventh
season of 24, in order to preserve the
nonstop integrity of the series—we've
learned Lost is still set to premiere its
fourth season as planned, most likely in
Read more here

10/26/2007 || E!Online News || Lost Curse
Strikes Again! Kim Dinged for DUI
It seems there really may be something in
the water over on the Lost set: Alcohol.
Daniel Dae Kim says he is "deeply
ashamed and embarrassed" after
becoming  the third castmember to get
busted on suspicion of driving under the
influence, following his arrest in Honolulu
just after 3 a.m. Thursday .
Read more here

Items prior to this date can be found here.
2/12/2008 || Ausiello Report
|| Exclusive:
Lost Boss Outlines Revised
Season 4 Plan
Make no mistake, out of all the shows
whose fate has been left dangling in the
wind by the just-concluded writers' strike,
the one we're most concerned about is
Lost. Good thing, then, that the ...first call
Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse
made after meeting with ABC execs this
evening to finalize the new plan for Season
4 was to, yep, you guessed ... me!
Read more here

2/7/2008 || ZAP2it || Lost Vet Has a New
Since his Charlie character isn't likely to
appear very much on
Lost anymore,
Dominic Monaghan has picked up the lead
in "Pet," a psychological thriller.
Read more here

2/7/2008 || Interviews &
Features ||
Lost Exclusive: Meet Four New
TV Guide got the details on Lost's
(Thursdays, 9 pm/ET, ABC) fresh faces.
Read more here

2/4/2008 || E!Online || Lost Thief Cast
First Lost returns to the small screen with a
vengeance. Then the burglar who held
Josh Holloway and his wife at gunpoint
agrees to spend 30 years behind bars? Not
a bad week for the actor.
Ruben Royce, the 23-year-old Hawaiian
man who was convicted on five different
home invasions, including the armed
robbery of Holloway and his wife at their
Oahu home in October 2005, pleaded
guilty Friday to 34 counts and agreed to a
plea deal that will see him spend three
decades in lockup.
Read more here

1/31/2008 || || Finding The
Way Back To Lost
Best to have a firm grip on what has
happened before new season starts
The wait is almost over. After eight long
months, ABC's “Lost� returns for a
fourth, albeit abbreviated, season. The
intended 16-episode run is down by half
due to the ongoing writers' strike, so
Thursday night kicks off the first of eight
episodes that may include both mysteries
and flashback-and-forth reveals.
Read more here

1/7/2008 || || Lost: Matthew Fox
Flash Forwards to Season 4
In an extended Q&A, Dr. Jack spills
secrets, talks about what went right (that
amazing finale) and wrong (Nikki and
Paulo) last year, and looks ahead to his
movie work in ''Vantage Point'' and ''Speed
Read more here
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