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Very special thanks to:
Steve Faust
~ thank you so much for your ideas and words of
encouragement.  Your help was and is still  truly appreciated.
Exfilia ~ thank you for the pics ~ without you, my episode guide
would be pretty dull!
Thanks to
Nancy for scanning the autographed pictures in for me!
Thanks to
CAP for pictures ~ a picture is worth a hundred words.
All of the people who've stopped by for awhile, or a little
longer since May of 2000.  Thank you.
Orth, O'Dell, McCauley, Blakely, Snow
Notice regarding site status, please read: As I decided to
end this site at the end of season two, I won't be making
any updates except to keep up with the domain [basically
if I add or take down new sites]; any news about the
actors I may see will appear on the
message board. This
site will remain up as long as there's an interest in it. I do
want a certain amount of closure here, because I hate
going to sites that seem half-finished. If this act
disappoints anyone, I'm sorry.  This was my first
'full-featured' site, and one I truly regret completing, but
it's given me, and I hope a few others, a lot of joy.
Thank you ~ Karen
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